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The Honorable Deputy was consequently pointed at as a most influential corrupter of the legislative honesty of the illustrious Chamber that was dying as it would seem of indigestion. A whimsical result. his efforts to get his daughter married secured him a splendid popularity. He perhaps found some covert advantage in selling his truffles twice over. This accusation, started by certain mocking Liberals, who made up by their flow of words for 240kph to mph small following in the Chamber, was not a success. The Poitevin gentleman had always been so noble and so honorable, that he was not once the object of those epigrams which the malicious journalism of the day hurled at the three hundred votes of the centre, at the Ministers, the cooks, the DirectorsGeneral, the princely Amphitryons, and the official supporters of the Villele Ministry. At the close of this campaign, during which Monsieur de Fontaine had on several occasions brought 240kph to mph all his forces, he believed that this time the procession of suitors would not be a mere dissolving view in his daughters eyes; that it was time she should make up her mind. He felt a certain inward satisfaction at 240kph to mph well fulfilled his duty as a father.
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